ABC’s De-licious Pure Protein Pack


ABC’s De-licious Pure Protein Pack you will receive a range of meats and minimum of each product below which includes:-





ABC’s De-licious Pure Protein Pack is filled with delicious, healthy meats, all cut and prepared in store by our fully Qualified Butchers to ensure every cut of meat is supplied to you as fresh as possible.

In this Pure Protein Pack you shall receive the minimum weight of the following meats:

Prime Rump Steak – Min Wt 1.8kg

Whole Chicken – Min Wt 1.1kg

Boneless Chicken Breast Fillets – Min Wt 4 kg

Lean Minced Beef – Min Wt 1.650kg

Unsmoked Gammon Steaks – 1.2kg


– Boneless Chicken Breast Fillets – ABC’s Chicken Breast fillets are juicy, succulent, protein enriched, boneless and skinless breast fillets. Chicken fillets are some of our more popular cuts, and it’s no wonder as they’re mouth-wateringly tasty. Our chicken breast fillets are supplied whole, so our customers can choose to cook them in any which way they want. Totally versatile and ideal for any dish, the fillets are delicious when cooked in barbecues, satays, kebabs, and more!

– Our Prime Rump Steaks are a juicy tender steak with outstanding flavour. Rump steak is a great steak choice for pan or grill and is a firm BBQ favourite, Cut in store by our qualified butchers.

– Whole Chicken – Whole Chicken approx 1.1kg making it an ideal meat for your family roast. All parts of the chicken can be used, even the carcase, add this to your stock pot filled with vegetables and make a tasty chicken stock or warming soup.

– Our Extra Lean Minced Beef only contains 5% fat content. Minced in store daily from Lean and tasty minced beef steak. A very versatile meat  to cook with, our beef mince is a great choice for the freezer, It can be used for many different things such as home made burgers, meatballs or even with pasta – the options are endless.

– Our Unsmoked Gammon steaks are a great idea for a mid week meal, quick and easy to cook, full of flavour, a big favourite with the family.


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